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Inside the Church


A man running into a graveyard, looking scared.

. . . what if time was running out?

The Man is still running in the graveyard looking 

more and more scared.

. . . where would you run for help?

The man still running in the graveyard.

. . . and everything you believed in was a lie.

And everything you believed in was a lie!  The man still 

running in the graveyard.

. . . and just when you thought there were no hope.

The man is crawling out of the 

graveyard.  Still crawling now he's at a church, 

he opens the doors.


You ever wonder how will the world end..?  Who will 

be the last people standing? Where if any places is safe?

What is  GOD'S real purpose?  Let me answer all those 

questions and more.  But do you really want to know? 

I know but even I dare to be there when that final day 

is here.    

(Laughing out loud).

If only you could see what I have seen. It would make 

you take your own eyes out to see what I have seen.

no woman, no man,  but a child... 

But a child. But a child, a child

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Late one night,GOD said to me my son its TIME....I truly didn't understand at that time just what he had in Store for me,but I listened and followed...I began to write A story so Bold powerful the many things that crossed my mind..As you read along with me your eyes will be opened to a unbelievable story ...I give you....REVELATIONS

What happen when you Vision comes real.

The Story of a young boy who comes into his powers of seeing things before they happen. .. he grows up to become a motivation speaker.....

Evil corrupts the city

The evil city...New York is turned upside down as the gates of Hell are opened...Releasing the beast the statue of liberty...and the selling of men souls are sold on Wall street